Tescon has been established in 1987 and by today it has 40% market share. It was acquired by THL in 2014 for reducing the dependency on concrete trough supplies. It employs 130 dedicated people who contribute for achieving of the company results on a daily basis.  Tescon undertakes custom built manufacturing of concrete precast products and its installation and it provides a contracting services.  The company was a premier manufacturing unit in the non-structural cement products. In 2001, it diversified into the field of structural pre-cast products catering to the electrical transmission industry and civil buildings.

Concrete trough manufacturing unit is in RAS AL KAIMAH with production capacity of 60 cc meter per day.
Product details

  • Pre cast boundary wall
  • Pre cast sealing end
  • Pre cast h beam foundation for transformer
  • Pre cast planter box
  • Pre cast trough & cover
  • Pre cast link box
  • Pre cast route marker pyramid type
  • Pre cast route marker pole type
  • Pre cast valve chamber
  • Pre cast earth pit
  • Pre cast duct marker


Product details

  • Pre cast manhole
  • Road barrier
  • 133kv cable tiles (vibrated)
  • Electric cable tiles
  • Service turret foundation
  • Feeder piller foundation
  • Pre cast trough
  • Foundation for electric pole
  • FO trough
  • Joint trough
  • Small trough
  • Joint pit marker
  • FOC manhole




EMAIL: tesconco@emirates.net.ae